FlixHouse Global helps independent filmmakers reach their audiences worldwide. We utilize all avenues of distribution: Digital (VOD in all of its forms), Home Video (DVD), Aggregation, Television Sales and Theatrical Releases, as well as FlixHouse’s own online Video-On-Demand streaming platform at FlixHouse.com, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and iOS devices, and Android TV and mobile devices.

Tony Kandah, CEO

Tony Kandah began his career as a production manager in 1990 and worked his way up to producing his own films beginning in 1993. He launched Hollywood Wizard, a domestic and international film distribution and sales agency in 2004, and founded FlixHouse, a video-on-demand streaming service in 2018.

As a sales agent, Tony has exhibited at over 50 international film and TV markets, sold a library of over 100 feature films, and developed strong and personal relationships with distributors worldwide. His experience in worldwide distribution empowers the robust and diverse indie film acquisitions at FlixHouse.

As a filmmaker, Tony developed, financed and produced 7 independent feature films: “Ballistica”; “Mask of Death”; “L.A. Wars”; “Starforce”; “Horrors of War”; “Shira: The Vampire Samurai” and “Always Faithful”. 

From 2006–2012, Tony served on the Board of Directors of The Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA), the organization that runs the American Flm Market (AFM).

Ramzi Abed, Acquisitions Manager

Ramzi Abed has always been a champion of independent film. Ramzi has worked in film acquisitions for over a decade, and has always focused on discovering new talent and creating new avenues for new filmmakers. Ramzi wrote and directed the independent thriller, The Devil’s Muse, which went on to become a cult film over the years.

He worked in professional motion picture studio equipment sales for years, servicing the needs of filmmakers all over the world. Ramzi has also assisted with the acquiring of film titles for Tony Kandah in the past, when he was a part of international sales agency, Hollywood Wizard. Ramzi brings FlixHouse his passion for global cinema, and speaks the language of filmmakers.