Are you unable to complete your film, have you run out of funds, if so? You’re in the right place. There is help for you here.

We are able to complete your project for you.

We understand the challenges filmmakers face when producing a motion picture – we can relate, the President of the company, Tony Kandah, started in film as a production assistant and worked his way up to becoming a producer with over thirty years of experience. Kandah has gone through every single obstacle, frustration and struggle filmmakers have experienced. He’s been there and has real empathy for what they’re going through.

We believe, as producers advance further in the industry to greater heights they will return to the company that helped them at the beginning.

Complete post-production services:

  • Audio Post Services
  • Video Post Services
  • Digital Effects Services



Please submit your project info and we will contact you within 24 hours to get started.