From script to screen − on-time, on-budget

Do you have the right team on your side to help bring your story to life and on budget?

You may bring us on board as your co-production partner or as a services company or as consultants.

Our experienced film production team will work with you and empower you with all the resources you need to start the process in the three basic stages of production:


You probably heard this many times before, and it is true, Pre-Production is the most important stage when producing your film, the more you prepare here − the less complications you will run into in the future.

We work with you on every step of actually creating the film, we carefully design and plan all the steps needed to get you to principal photography, including few items listed below:

  • The production company is created and a production office established
  • Legal documents are drawn
  • A production budget is drawn up to plan expenditures for the film
  • A production schedule is created
  • Insurance purchased
  • Crew are hired
  • Casting of actors
  • Locations are booked
  • Equipment rented


Now you are ready to bring your story to life and capture it through the lens.

Besides supporting your creative vision on set, we manage the daily production from the start of principal photography through wrap, and handle all the logistics including few items listed below:

  • Manage crew
  • Insure all the needed elements are ready and on standby for the next shot, from props to wardrobe
  • Manage cast and complete all the paperwork, execute all actor union forms
  • Create payroll reports and work with payroll company
  • Catering is ready on set and on tim
  • Safety rules are followed and the set is accident free
  • Work with permit office, fire marshals and police escorts
  • Work with location managers and insure that we are following their requirements
  • Insure that shooting is completed on time and there is no overtime


Now you are ready to assemble your film.

Having the right post production supervision team is an essential part of the process. We work with you to insure that you work with the post production facilities and service providers; ones that will help you get your vision across without compromise and on budget.

Few services you will need:

  • Offline editor to work with you from first assembly to locking picture
  • Audio post production house to start as soon as picture is locked
  • Composer to create the score for your film
  • Visual effects house or artists to complete all required VFX shots and work
  • Online facility to do final assembly and create delivery materials needed for distribution purposes

The production of any project is a lengthy process and you must insure that you have the right team on board to support you with every aspect, to deliver your story precisely as you envisioned it so you may share it with the world.


If you like to work with us, please submit your project info and we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your project.