An innovative film distribution and streaming company for the indie film world.

We help independent filmmakers and producers reach their audiences worldwide. We utilize all avenues of distribution to distribute your film online and beyond. Home video (DVD) brick and mortar, online retail, digital/VOD platforms, television sales and theatrical releases, as well as our own video-on-demand streaming platform FLIXHOUSE.


Video-on-Demand and Broadcast Distribution

Release your feature film digitally via most major streaming services and cable networks.

Home Video (DVD) Distribution

Distribute your feature film on DVD and bluray to most major brick and mortar and online retailers.

FlixHouse Streaming Platform

Make your feature-length films available to audiences worldwide through FlixHouse.com and supported devices, Roku, Apple TV & iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV & mobile.
Visit: FLIXHOUSE.com

FlixHouse Shorts Platform

Come Hang Your Shorts With US!  Upload and Instantly Publish your short film for the whole world to see online/mobile and on our Roku channel.


Ballistica + Starforce [Action + Sci-Fi Double Feature]

DVD Release date: 10-05-2021
VOD Release date: 11-09-2021

Amazed By You + Shake Off The World [Faith & Family Double Feature]

DVD Release date: 10-05-2021
VOD Release date: 11-09-2021

Dracula In Love + Shira: The Vampire Samurai + Horrors Of War [Horror Triple Feature]

DVD Release date: 10-05-2021
VOD Release date: 11-09-2021

L.A. Wars [DVD] – Release date: 01-18-2022


In 1993, Tony Kandah, Founder, attended MIFED his first film market in Milan Italy where he licensed his first produced feature film L.A. WARS, to many territories including the U.S., Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea and the Middle East. Since then Tony attended and exhibited at over 60 international film and TV markets. In 2004 Tony launched Hollywood Wizard his own domestic and international film distribution and sales agency, rebranded FlixHouse Global in 2013. Tony sold a library of over 100 feature films, developed strong and personal relationships with distributors and broadcasters worldwide.

About Tony Kandah


What Do Our Filmmakers Have To Say About Us?

When Tony acquires a film it’s not only because he likes the film and thinks it can make all involved parties monies but he believes in the filmmakers and a mutual respect is developed between creator and distributor...
As distributor he is honest and truthful in his evaluation of the film’s income potential from worldwide exploitation. Tony has no interest in overselling or underselling. He tells the facts to the film producer and delivers on his estimations...
Tony, as our sales agent and distributor, puts you and your movies first. Simply put, they make you feel like family, walking you step by step through this very complicated Worldwide Entertainment Business...