Horrors of War Movie on VOD Platforms Everywhere 11/09/2021

In War, Death Is Not The Only Thing To Fear!

Horrors of War Movie on VOD Platforms Everywhere 11/09/2021

Feeling the pressure from Allied advance, Hitler unleashes his secret weapons giving rise to a type of warfare the world has never seen. Throughout the European theater of WWII, Lieutenant John Schmidt comes face to face with these “weapons.” The Office of Strategic Services (O.S.S., precursor to the C.I.A.) initiates missions behind enemy lines to find the source of the weapons terrorizing U.S. soldiers fighting the Third Reich. Schmidt is joined by Captain Joe Russo and his group of war-hardened GIs who have experienced for themselves the all-too-real horrors of war in battle. Together, they must find and destroy Hitler’s horde of nightmare weapons before his horrific vision can be fully realized.

  • Recommended for fans of ‘Outpost’, ‘War of the Dead’ and ‘Dead Snow’ along with classics ‘Oasis of The Zombies’ and ‘Shockwaves’.
  • The ‘Evil Nazi Zombie’ horror sub-genre continues to endure!
  • Stars Joe Lorenzo (American Horror Story), Jon Osbeck (Dark Waters), Daniel Alan Kiely (Bong of the Living Dead) and Michael Evanichko (Dark Iris)

Press Quotes

Focus on characterization and engrossing scenarios… an entertaining and interesting horror hybrid.

     —Cinema Crazed

An admirable little indie that earns points for keeping a poker-straight face throughout all the craziness.


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