FILMTVMART is democratizing film distribution!

We market, offer and license your titles 24/7 to distributors, broadcasters and VOD platforms worldwide on your behalf.

With FILMTVMART buyers instantly screen your title with a secure log-in and can contact us directly to license your title for their respective territories and platforms right there and then, it is that simple.

List and Publish Your Title for Free:

  • Your own title’s Page – all the relevant metadata including trailer, synopsis, cast and crew, key art and available territories

We do the rest: Sales and Distribution Services.

  1. Online Screener – we capture, encode and upload your film for instant viewing. (Optional: Fee applies – Screener Encoding and Hosting $75.00 now and the $10/month – Recommended)
  2. Unlimited screenings to our accredited buyers/distributors.
  3. Negotiation, licensing, collections and delivery of your title worldwide
  4. Biweekly updates to buyers
  5. Viral marketing
  6. Participate in a Unique Community related to film distribution only and Shared by Other Industry Professionals. @FILMTVMART page at Facebook.

We charge 25% sales commission of gross receipts from any sale we complete through FILMTVMART.

In a business where costs are always high, there has to be a way to get films to the right buyers directly without so much overhead. FILMTVMART allows you to eliminate all the costs associated with selling and licensing the old traditional way. These costs run anywhere from $25k to $50k for low budget films or higher depending on the budget of each film, and usually eat up a big percentage of the sales revenues.

With our online film market there are no distribution expenses and no hidden fees, our goal is to license your title and get you the most amount of money to recoup your production costs and to realize a profit.

We want to level the playing field, and make it easier for filmmakers to have their films seen and bought by legitimate distributors from around the world − while keeping the sales costs as low as possible so we may pass the savings on to our filmmakers.

FILMTVMART principals are highly experienced sales agents, distributors and film buyers with over 30 years of direct experience. Our team has exhibited over 50 times at the following film markets: The Cannes Film Festival, Berlinale – The European Film Market, MIPTV, MIPCOM, NATPE and The American Film Market.

We have strong and personal relationships with some of the most prominent and highly regarded buyers and distributors worldwide and built an extensive network of partners including in the USA, UK, France, Germany, The Middle East, The Benelux, Scandinavia, Australia/New Zealand, India, Greece, Turkey, and Japan.

We work hand in hand with you to implement every aspect of our marketing and sales strategies to give you the additional advantage of making valuable connections with industry leaders in the field.

Please visit our How It Works section for more information.

You may Contact Us directly by phone or by email if you have any questions.

Independent filmmakers rejoice! Join the digital revolution, and publish your title now!