L.A. Wars

Release Dates:

DVD Release date: 01-18-2022

VOD [DIGITAL VIDEO] Release date: 01-18-2022

Year: 1993

Genre: Action

Run Time: 91 min

Starring: Vince Murdocco, Mary E. Zilba, Kerri Kasem, Johnny Venokur, A.J. Stephans, Rodrigo Obregón

Directors: Tony Kandah, Martin Morris

Producer: Tony Kandah

Log Line: When the war on the streets becomes personal, no one is safe.


When power crazed drug lord Raul Guzman (Rodrigo Obregón, Hard Ticket to Hawaii) moves in on the mafia L.A. cocaine trade and steals the mob boss Carlo Giovani’s (A.J. Stephans, “Baywatch”) money and drugs, the streets explode in violence.

Featuring Vince Murdoco (Kickboxer II) as undercover cop, Jake Quinn, he infiltrates the mafia as the bodyguard for Giovani’s beautiful daughter, Carla (Mary E. Zilba, “The Real Housewives of Vancouver”). Jake must use his martial arts and all the weaponry he can carry to defend Carla from Guzman’s hit men.

Giovani’s ruthless right hand man Vinny (Johnny Venokur, Savage Streets) betrays him and tries to assault Carla but is stopped by Quinn. Vinny is humiliated and booted from the family. He then teams up with Guzman to seek revenge on Giovani.


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