Beyond The Chair (2010)

Documentaries | 92 min
Rating: /10

Movie Info

  • Director: Dusty Duprel, Rachel Pandza
  • Starring: Andrew Shelley
  • Status: Completed
  • Year: 2010


At the age of 29, the idea of being stuck in the same predictable 9 to 5 job was only the start of what terrified Andrew Shelley. Looking back on his life, he realized that over the years he had been constantly watching the man he wanted to be drift away. Everything started at birth; the diagnosis of muscular degenerative disease predetermined a larger portion of his life, this included needing a wheelchair before the age of 25. His career was also inherited. Coming from a family of engineers (both grandfathers, all uncles, his father, and brother) he naturally fell into the trade with no consideration of personal happiness. Life in a cubicle meant exchanging the extreme adventurous life he had pictured as a child, for settling with fleeting weekend getaways. And while most guys can’t stand commitment, Andrew doesn’t find any joy in being a bachelor. It appeared that his life was whittling away day by day, along with his 90 lb body, to become nothing of what he wanted. Every person reaches a crossroad of whether to continue down the path that they unwillingly finding themselves on or discovering the courage to start down a new path that leads to somewhere better. For Andrew that time is now as he sets out on a backpacking journey around the world to find himself, who ever that may be.

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