Shooting April (2011)

Thriller | 73 min
Rating: /10

Movie Info

  • Director: Tod Lancaster
  • Starring: Matthew Prater, Eric Fagundes, Rachel Seiferth, Marie Westbrook, Elaine Loh
  • Status: Completed
  • Year: 2011


Shooting April is a raw, disturbing depiction of three young guys from the YouTube Generation. To this brave new generation – and for Truman, Weasel and Doug in particular – the video camera is king. From arguments to pranks to death-defying stunts, they record it all.

Even the sexual conquests of the group’s alpha male, Truman, become little more than fodder for the video camera. Then Truman’s sexual advances are rebuffed by a girl he had considered easy prey: a shy teenager named April.  Truman strong-arms the others into accepting a wager: either he convinces April to have sex with him or he owes them each a hundred bucks.

With his reputation on the line, Truman decides to pull out all the stops. He invites April to a mountain cabin for a romantic getaway. April naively agrees, unaware that Weasel has hidden himself in the cabin with a video camera. She is also unaware that, over the next few gruesome, horrifying hours, both she and Weasel will be presented with a terrifying realization: this time, Truman has no intention whatsoever of taking “no” for an answer.

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