Development, finance, production

We are passionate about finding the best ways to bring filmmakers stories to audiences everywhere.


We believe in the essential importance of preparing your project for the global marketplace; our development, production and distribution strategies are wholly-knit together with global distribution and rights-sales decisions.


We employ and maintain a sound and balanced approach to production that will lead to success – a balance between the pictures’ creative, audience and income aspects.


As a result of our balanced and low-risk approach to the creation and distribution of our motion pictures, we are able to use bank-provided production financing, release pictures through major distributors, extract the maximum possible media and rights earnings from the various global territories and be profitable.


  • Access to equity and structured funds globally
  • Co-production and executive production
  • Cash flow tax credit rebates, distribution agreements and any other forms of collateral
  • Help package projects as executive producers both creatively and financially
  • Film and television presales and licensing worldwide to independent distributors and major studios
  • Creation of international and domestic marketing campaigns
  • Access to film festivals and markets e.g. Cannes, Berlin and American Film Market
  • Creative Freedom


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