Release Dates:

DVD Release date: 10-05-2021

VOD [DIGITAL VIDEO] Release date: 11-09-2021

Year: 2000

Genre: Sci-Fi , Action

Run Time: 91 min

Starring: Michael Bergin (Baywatch), Amy Weber (Transmorphers), Vernon Wells (Commando)

Director: Tony Kandah, Cary Howe

Producers: Tony Kandah, Joseph Jiries

Log Line: Duty Unto Death


A warrior and a beautiful ex-convict are left to fight the galaxy’s most fearsome commandos in an alien wasteland.


Release Dates

Ballistica + Star Force [Action + Sci-Fi Double Feature]

DVD Release date: 10-05-2021
VOD Release date: 11-09-2021

List Price: $12.95 
Discount Price: $9.99
You Save: $2.96 (23%)

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