What Do Our Filmmakers Have To Say About Us?

FILMLOOK Media Group LLC’s Partner Anna M. Cordova strongly recommends FlixHouse Global. I’ve known and worked with Tony Kandah since 1993 and he is one of the most transparent distributors in the industry. When Tony acquires a film it’s not only because he likes the film and thinks it can make all involved parties monies but he believes in the filmmakers and a mutual respect is developed between creator and distributor. With this type of respect, the relationship is long-lasting and beneficial to all involved. What I like best about working with Tony is that he is creative in knowing how to best monetize your film and will take the time to review each project to connect to the perfect buyer(s).
Anna M. Cordova
Avondale Pictures CEO Chuck Williams highly recommends Flixhouse Global. We have found a home for all of our feature films. Tony Kandah works with you from the very beginning from Distribution and Marketing, to all facets of getting your titles out to the world and on all platforms. FlixHouse Global, as our sales agent and Distributor, puts you and your movies first. Simply put, they make you feel like family, walking you step by step through this very complicated Worldwide Entertainment Business. FlixHouse Global Staff always returns your calls and emails with the excitement that together, we will be successful. Avondale Pictures, as a film company in this very convoluted and hectic film industry, we do not move without the advice of Tony Kandah and FlixHouse Global on any of of our film projects or future projects. They always have their finger on the pulse on this ever changing industry.
Chuck Williams
Over the past fifteen years I worked with Tony Kandah as distributor, producer and filmmaker. Tony is a bundle of talent and energy. As distributor he is honest and truthful in his evaluation of the film’s income potential from worldwide exploitation. Tony has no interest in overselling or underselling. He tells the facts to the film producer and delivers on his estimations. Tony’s sales strength are apparent in Europe, South and North America. As a Producer he is able to stay on budget and spend less. Tony’s creative impulses come natural and are quite helpful when the production has less money than needed.
Izidore K. Musallam