The best piece of advice when embarking on your filmmaking journey!

Even though there are many variations and alternative routes to make movies, one thing is for sure − filmmaking calls on a tremendously complex and wide-ranging set of skills.

In addition to being creative, filmmakers must deal with all other business aspects of filmmaking, from raising money for the production costs, to executing legal agreements with crew and talent, and all the way to the distribution of their completed films.

But what is amazing in the film industry, you really do not have to follow a specific educational or training path to start you own company and become a filmmaker and start making movies.

Whatever the artistic and cultural ramifications of film production – there are challenges filmmakers face that need to be addressed:

  • The film business is in a constant state of change. How do you stay current and know how everything is done?

  • Film production necessarily involves large sums of other people’s money. How would you deal with the responsibilities that comes with that money?

  • Do you know what your strengths and weaknesses are and how do you compensate for the latter?

In all reality and especially now-a-days it’s very hard to have everything done by yourself, you need to build relationships with people whose strengths complement yours.

You need to seek the advice and wisdom of those who have done it before or who spend their professional life puzzling through these kinds of problems.

Find mentors and advisers you can trust and turn to when you need to bounce ideas off of someone or understand how things work or how to go about doing something.

The best piece of advice I can provide to any filmmaker who is struggling with the load of what has to be done but don’t yet have the staff to delegate the assignment to, I say:

Get Good Help.

Tony Kandah